Bid Management

Bidding for an international conference is a wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of your national industry, your organisation and your professional career. The process brings together stakeholders of that industry and helps build long term relationships that ultimately help to both raise standards and showcase your local talent to a global community.  

CPI have been working with National Associations and Ambassadors for 25 years to bid for and win the rights to host international conferences. Our complimentary bid service helps guide you through the entire bid process from research stage to onsite marketing and presentations. Our winning formula has delivered a 92% success rate.  

We would be delighted to talk to your team about any potential future bids and to support you in putting the best case forward for your organisation, your city and indeed your country.  

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Key Elements of our bid management service

  • Research and data collection on past conferences
  • Analysis of the bid criteria and tender document
  • Destination and venue feasibility study
  • Competitor analysis
  • Examination of the decision making process
  • SWOT analysis
  • Creation of a USP
  • Lobbying and local support for the bid across all stakeholders sectors (industry and tourism sectors)
  • Creation of the bid team
  • Creation of the local bid brand
  • How do we extend the Conference’s impact beyond the Convention Centre
  • What is the story we want to tell about the potential legacy and how will we make it a reality
  • Design of creative bid document highlighting key differentiators of the bid
  • Commercial and sponsorship support
  • Communication strategy for the bid
  • Financial feasibility and impact study
  • Detailed conference budget
  • Sourcing funding from Government
  • Pre-bid lobbying to international community
  • Exhibition stand promoting the bid destination
  • Bid document and presentation
  • Site inspection

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