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ESOF 2016

As Europe’s largest interdisciplinary science conference, ESOF is an important platform where everyone – scientists, innovators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, journalists and the public – can debate, exchange and promote new ideas.  It takes place every two years and attracts thousands of delegates to the host city during the week of the conference.

This four day conference consisted of a broad and complex science programme including seminars, workshops, debates on the latest science and technology developments, a media programme to promote science communication, a careers clinic for PhD students & young researchers to further develop their careers, a ‘Science to Business’ programme focussing on utilising the outputs of research for industrial application, an exhibition to showcase the best of European public and private research, a science in the city programme to ensure that the delegate experience was socially, culturally and intellectually invigorating.

Nobel Laureates
Nobel Laureates
Conference partners have been really key to helping us with all the logistical and organizational arrangements for ESOF we couldn’t have done it without them. I think what’s really been good about our working relationship is that we’ve all had the same ambitions what has been so rewarding

Vicky Rosin
ESOF Programme Director

ESOF 2016 boasted an especially prestigious speaker line up including a personal welcome from UK national treasure, David Attenborough and a live video link with Tim Peake, a UK astronaut, who shared with his experiences of space, as well as welcoming dignitaries from the European Commission.  The conference featured keynote addresses delivered by renowned Manchester physicist, presenter and author, Professor Brian Cox.

We challenged ourselves with the use of technology as we had a number of live satellite links to South Africa and to Australia and out to Dajjal Bank and we’re delighted that these went incredibly well

Sarah Fitzpatrick
CPI Conference Director

ESOF 2016 surpassed its forerunners based on exceptional planning, management and implementation but most of all, its impact in terms of delegate satisfaction, cost-effectiveness and legacy to the city of Manchester.  The most rewarding element of ESOF 2016 was the successful collaboration between the city stakeholders, industry, academia and the professional suppliers who helped to deliver the event and the collective talent that worked together to create ESOF 2016, the most successful conference in the history of the EuroScience Open Forums.

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