Message from
Nicola Mc Grane, CEO, Conference Partners International

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all of us from a business and a personal perspective. We have found ourselves in a different environment where we have to combine our work life with our personal lives, particularly with little kids at home from school for many.

For the past number of weeks, we have had to think laterally to find the right solution for our clients, suppliers and stakeholders with the majority of our business postponing until next year. Our world is different right now and we need to adapt quickly to a new reality.

This crisis will end and we are confident that we can and will get back to normal within a couple of months. As a business, we are fully operational and I would ask you to refer to the conference website for the contact details of your account manager. Although we are physically apart, we are very much together as a team and here to support you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, suppliers and stakeholders for being so supportive, flexible and understanding in finding the right solutions that works for everyone. Collaboration is key in challenging times. I would also like to thank my own team for their trojan work, their agility and their resilience over the past few weeks.

We have taken swift and immediate steps to initiate the recovery of our industry and we look forward to being able to come together again as ONE.
Should you wish to contact me personally, please email me

Stay positive and stay safe. We will meet again.

Warm regards,

Nicola Mc Grane

CEO, Conference Partners International