Conference Partners International
Statement on the Coronavirus

A message from Nicky McGrane
We continue to receive updates on the escalating global impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on people’s lives and on the Conference and Events Industry. The tragic loss of life and the thousands who are so ill is devastatingly sad. But we must remain hopeful that an unprecedented global collaboration of government, scientific, health, business and social leaders will succeed in containing the spread, providing care to those afflicted and developing a vaccine to prevent future outbreaks.

As an IAPCO member, I am personally in contact with CEOs of PCO companies around the globe on a regular basis to hear how they are dealing with the situation. It is important that we learn from our colleagues globally on how they are dealing with the situation in a calm manner.

As a management team, we are in daily meetings to monitor developments as they happen. We have set up a Situation Room where we are meeting daily to review updates and actions from the World Health Organisation and the local authorities in the countries in which we operate. We are then able to adjust our operational policies accordingly, following any precautionary measures and advice.

As an industry we have faced many challenges before, and the threat from COVID-19 presents a very real and daunting challenge. However, we are working closely with our industry colleagues to take on this challenge collectively.

Above all else, Conference Partners International is committed to doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of all our employees, suppliers, clients and delegates, and the community in which we operate.

We are determined as a business to remain positive for the future whilst cautious for the present. We are rethinking the way we gather people, we are being creative in our approach and we are re-imagining how we bring people together over the coming months.

We are sharing our actions below in how we intend to operate and we will continue to update these actions as events unfold.

Nicola McGrane

Commitment to Action

The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone we interact with in our community is of utmost importance to us therefore our approach is, and always will be, based on evolving global advice on mass gatherings. 

Pre -Planning for Events

We have a dedicated Situation Team who are meeting daily to assess any risk and respond operationally to any updated advice from the World Health Organisation and local authorities of the countries within which we operate.

We are continually monitoring travel advice so we can understand any travel restrictions and keep our delegates updated accordingly.

We are publishing easy to understand information regarding COVID-19 and the symptoms to ensure the understanding of our Stakeholders.  It is important that all our employees, suppliers, clients and delegates are aware that they should not attend any meeting or event should they present symptoms.

We will be communicating regularly with our employees.  This dialogue will include:

  • A full briefing on the approach we are taking to each event to COVID-19
  • Highlighting all health and safety measures (e.g. a non -contact conference)
  • Outlining specifically the important role they can play in safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of all who attend the conference.
  • Constant advice regarding practicing good hygiene


On-site Measures

We have updated our Emergency Plan so we can act calmly and swiftly should an emergency situation arise on site.  More specifically:

  • An assurance that we have the ability to cater for isolation of individuals and groups if necessary
  • Medical plan procedures for the management of any suspected cases
  • Crowd disturbance emergency measures should a suspected case occur
  • Technology and applications to ensure swift communication regarding health information

We are in liaison with suppliers and venues to make sure that sufficient resources are in place at the event to meet the health and safety needs of all of our attendees.  This includes:

  • Ensuring that there are sufficient hygiene facilities available – toilets, hand-washing facilities, soap, paper towels and alcohol-gel
  • Ensuring there are supplies to enable regular cleaning of surfaces.

We will provide information on the event’s website and social media pages on infection prevention measures attendees can undertake to protect against the spread of COVID-19 including handwashing advice.

We will also develop information leaflets on COVID-19 for distribution via our conference App, as well as providing signage and screens with COVID-19 messages.

Post conference Actions

We will facilitate workshops with our onsite staff to garner feedback on lessons learned, including suppliers, venue, hotels, and client/delegate feedback

We will share information on developments and lessons learned within out industry community.


Creative solutions

We are committed to finding creative solutions for delegates that may not be able to travel due to restrictions.

These include:

Livestreaming – in the case a conference is confirmed to go ahead but some delegates will not be able to travel, we can provide live-streaming to ensure they can still benefit

Sharing of materials – when delegates are not able to travel, we can ensure they can get access to relevant materials anytime and anywhere they want

Social Media – making use of our social media channels, we can share content, knowledge and videos in real-time.

Coronavirus FAQ’s and Facts
(prepared using information from the WHO, ECDC, HSE)

What is it?

In late December 2019 Chinese authorities identified a cluster of novel coronavirus infections in Wuhan City, China. The name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2 and the name of the disease it causes is COVID-19.

  • One of a family of 7 coronaviruses (MERS, SARS)
  • Zoonotic –transmit from animals to humans
  • Transmission –respiratory droplets via
  • Coughing/Sneezing
  • Surfaces
  • Case Fatality Rate ~2% (1 in 50 people)


How Infectious is it?

  • an average 2 additional people are infected by each person who is infected

What are the Symptoms?

What are the Symptoms?