Earth Day 2021

April 22nd marks Earth Day. Observed by more than one billion people each year, Earth Day is time to reflect and take action on climate change. The theme for 2021 is Restore Our Earth, which is something close to our hearts at CPI.
It’s no secret that time spent outdoors is beneficial for your physical and mental health, with some even recommending forest bathing to de-stress and boost well-being. Furthermore, planting trees to restore forests is one of the easiest ways we can tackle the climate crisis, as reforestation captures CO2, cools overheated places, supports pollinators, and much, much more.
After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, this Earth Day we are encouraging our staff to take some time for themselves in nature. In return, we will all donate toward the planting of trees via The Canopy Project, where just $1 plants 1 tree. The Canopy Project partners with groups around the world to ensure all donations result in sustainably planted trees for a greener future for everyone.
Small actions can create big change, so why don’t you join us on April 22nd and find a moment of calm in a green space. Whether that’s your garden, a local park or just a bouquet of flowers, let’s appreciate the outdoor space available to us, and give back to help Restore Our Earth.