We were thrilled to be the PCO for the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2016, which took place from 23-27 July in Manchester Central, UK.  ESOF 2016 is Europe’s largest interdisciplinary science conference and attracted 3,542 delegates from 89 countries.

The 5 day programme included 800 speakers, 130 sessions, 300 media, and a busy exhibition hub with over 60 exhibitors and live theatres.

David Attenborough, UK astronaut Tim Peake and Nobel laureate Sir Kostya Novoselov were the keynote speakers at ESOF 2016.  The keynote address was delivered by renowned Manchester physicist, presenter and author, Professor Brian Cox.

Several events, running in conjunction with ESOF 2016, also took place in pre, during and post the event.  Branded astro-trams travelled throughout Manchester city featuring science announcements from Prof. Brian Cox and interactive stargazing roofs.  A new three-day music, art and science festival called the Bluedot festival took place at Jodrell Bank Observatory.

A Science in the City festival also ran conjointly with ESOF 2016 to give the public an opportunity to visit a range of science events including Open Labs, an exhibition on graphene and the ‘Citizen Science Projects’, which gave people a chance to get involved in science projects.

Highlights of ESOF 2016 can be viewed here.