HETI Irish DancingConference Partners and Festina Lente are delighted to announce that their bid to host the 16th International Congress of Equine Facilitated Programmes in Dublin, Ireland in 2018 was successful. The International Congress will feature the latest research and development information on the benefits of Equine Facilitated Programmes for businesses & clients and also how Equine Facilitated Programmes impacts on equines.

The comprehensive bid involved several key stakeholders including The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy, Horse Sport Ireland, EFETA Ireland, Dublin Convention Bureau and the RDS. As part of the process, members of the Festina Lente team presented the bid at the 2015 Congress in Taiwan. They also took time out to teach their colleagues a traditional Irish dance (please see picture).

The HETI 2018 Congress is a unique opportunity that brings the world together to spearhead the promotion of equine assisted activities. It will take place from the 25th – 29th June 2018 and is expected to attract over 700 international delegates to the RDS. This is the first time that Ireland will have hosted this worldwide congress and we feel privileged to be able to host what we expect to be a memorable experience for everybody.

More details on http://www.heti2018.org/