HGV2014 was held from the 17th– 19th September 2014 and was the 15th International Meeting on Human Genome Variation and Complex Genome Analysis. Conference Partners were the chosen PCO with the pleasure of organising this annual event for the HGV committee, alongside the local organiser, Mark Lawler.

The meeting was held in the Culloden Hotel, Belfast and proved an excellent venue for delegates with the perfect suite that enabled the conference, exhibition and poster showcase to be situated adjacent to each other; as well as wonderful facilities for the delegates to avail of in between sessions.

The conference boasted over 120 international delegates and played host to 22 internationally recognised speakers – opinion leaders in the rapidly evolving area of genomics. It produced emerging research in the area of genetics including cancer genomics and rare disease diagnosis, large scale population studies of human disease and genomic evolution. One of the most interesting and forward thinking themes to come out of HGV2014 was in the area of data and knowledge sharing and the technological advances that are coming down the line for doctors, researchers and scientists in this field. The conference was successfully rounded off with a progressive and current session that highlighted the need to personalise the area of genomics; moving beyond the research lab and taking the learnings to the general population and marketing the idea of overall health improvement.

HGV2014 was highly engaging and offered a varied and informative programme as well as a memorable social programme. As Belfast is the birthplace of the Titanic it seemed only fitting to invite delegates to tour and dine in the World’s largest Titanic visitor attraction overlooking the slipway where the Titanic was built and launched on its infamous maiden voyage. The conference was brought to an enjoyable close with a fitting “Irish Night” that allowed delegates from home and abroad to sample the local whiskey and performances from the works of the legendary James Joyce.

The organisation of the conference by Conference Partners suceeded in delivering on its key objectives; an enjoyable experience for conference delegates as well as maximum networking and sharing of ideas.

Quote from Mark Lawler:

“I have received many comments and emails from national and international delegates/ speakers, saying how much they enjoyed HGV2014 and how efficiently it was managed, reflecting our excellent partnership with Conference Partners in the preparation and delivery of this international conference” said Prof Mark Lawler Queens University Belfast (HGV2014 Conference Chair). “HGV2014 was a huge success and it also helped showcase Belfast and Northern Ireland as a “go to” venue for conferences of this type,” he added.