Enhance Your Reputation By Depending on Ours

Our core values


Talented people are our greatest asset.

Our highly skilled team of professionals are trained to IAPCO international standards and has global experience of operating in a diverse business arena.

Our family of individual experts share a common vision. We are proud to be part of a company who follows a path of innovative and creative thinking in everything we do. These characteristics are not just within, but extend to our trusted network of suppliers.


At Conference Partners International, we are renowned for exceptional service. As global influencers, we set the benchmark for creative and innovative delivery of international events.

Through the experience gained from our diverse and unique portfolio, we share relevant learnings to further enhance your event.

We listen to you the client, anticipate your needs, deliver your core objectives and together we achieve excellence. That’s how we deliver on our promise.


Conference Partners Internationals approach is in our name, we will be your PARTNER.

We support and service our clients by creating a long-lasting relationship of trust. We believe in accountability, quality and shared results.

Through open and honest communication we take the time to understand you and your needs.

Most importantly, we always keep your best interests at heart and consider ourselves as an extension of your team. Your success is our success.

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