Our Story

Conference Partners International (CPI) believes in the power of growth through human experience. For the past 25 years, CPI has been dedicated to facilitating communities worldwide, bringing people together to share knowledge and build relationships that can power tomorrow. Our journey began with a simple goal: to create unforgettable learning experiences. Combining international experience with local knowledge, our award-winning, multicultural team of event experts is committed to delivering exceptional conferences.

We specialise in professional conference organisation (PCO), meeting and event management, and association management, offering pioneering knowledge and worldwide know-how with a focus on local experience.

Our vision is to support clients in creating conference platforms that foster interactive communication networks for global knowledge and experience sharing.

With a mission to craft ‘live’ and creative conference experiences that align with your strategic goals, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring quality in every detail, all in a cost-conscious manner.

Together, we power a better tomorrow through impactful and memorable events.

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive growth through transformative human experiences worldwide.

Our vision is to support our clients to create conference platforms that build interactive communication networks to share knowledge and experiences globally.

Our vision is to facilitate better connected communities, who use shared experiences to ignite innovation, foster collaboration and drive meaningful change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our Clients to elevate their Conference delivery. Through meticulous attention to detail, strategic financial planning and innovative meeting design, we enhance our Clients’ reputations by delivering memorable and engaging events.
Our mission is to create “live” and creative conference experiences that meet your strategic goals. With a dedication to quality, we efficiently take care of every detail in a cost-conscious manner.

Our mission is to provide expert guidance to help bring together thought leaders for inclusive live experiences in unforgettable destinations. We
prioritize quality and cost-effective management to
ensure our clients can deliver engaging events that help them achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Core Values


Our people are caring. We support, understand your concerns and always represent your best interests. Our people are reliable. We hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest standards of service, punctual delivery, open communication, and assurance. Our people are visionary. Not happy unless we are on the cutting edge, we have the vision, the experience and know-how to deliver the incredible every time

Our people are personable. Channeling our global knowledge, superb contacts and personal relationships, we take a fresh and energetic approach. Individually, we are one of a kind. Collectively we are unstoppable! It is our pleasure to introduce our management team, who are supported by a dynamic team of highly skilled professionals.


Conference Partners Internationals approach is in our name, we will be your PARTNER.

We support and service our clients by creating a long-lasting relationship of trust. We believe in accountability, quality and shared results. Through open and honest communication we take the time to understand you and your needs.

Most importantly, we always keep your best interests at heart and consider ourselves as an extension of your team. Your success is our success.


Dive into our collection of case studies for valuable insights and practical knowledge to optimise your conference. Discover real-world examples and actionable solutions that can elevate your organization’s performance and drive success.


At Conference Partners International, we are renowned for exceptional service. As global influencers, we set the benchmark for creative and innovative delivery of international events. Through the experience gained from our diverse and unique portfolio, we share relevant learnings to further enhance your event. We listen to you the client, anticipate your needs, deliver your core objectives and together we achieve excellence. That’s how we deliver on our promise.

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