Daffodil Day – Shining a Light on the Irish Cancer Society

Daffodil Day takes place every year in March and is the Irish Cancer Society’s biggest fundraiser. All funds raised on the day are used across Ireland to support the 44,000 people who will receive a cancer diagnosis each year.

 CPI’s Commercial Director, Colm O’Grady, has been closely involved with the Irish Cancer Society for nearly twenty years. After his wife’s father died, he wanted to give back and set about raising funds for the Society. Seventeen years later, Colm is still heavily involved, managing around 70 volunteers to raise funds each year. Colm co-ordinates the annual collection at Blanchardstown Centre in Dublin, raising an enormous €17,000 on average.

Covid restrictions meant that Colm and his fellow volunteers weren’t able to take to the streets this year to raise collections. However, he didn’t let that stop him and instead found new ways to raise funds. By moving his fundraising online, Colm was still able to raise more than €5000, which will provide help to those affected by cancer and their families.

In total, across Ireland, an incredible €6 Million of funds were raised this Daffodil Day. The funds will go towards investment and improvements in cancer research, counselling, Night Nursing and childhood cancer supports. We wanted to shine a light on the Irish Cancer Society and their work, and also to say a massive thank you to Colm and all his fellow volunteers for their hard work. Their collective efforts ensure that no one has to go through their cancer journey alone.

You can hear about Colm’s experiences here. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMpE11Oqo5c/ 

If you’d like to contribute to the cause, donations can be made online: https://donate.cancer.ie/