Interview with Nicky McGrane, CEO Conference Partners International

1. What do you think has made CPI a success and has allowed you to be in business for 20 years?

I can attribute the success of Conference Partners International to the powerful people who have been part of the journey over the past 20 years. It has been passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated people who have driven the business to where it is 20 years later.

2. What have been the biggest challenges?

We have come through a recession, foot and mouth, SARS, the ash cloud and a banking crisis to mention but a few. Overcoming challenges in the business of events is not easy, however, it is exciting when everyone on the team is marching forward in the same direction with passion, pride and positivity. There is nothing better than that unbeatable feeling.

3. What do you think is most important factor in creating a team?

Creating a company culture where ideas, creativity and improvements are welcomed has been top of my agenda. Reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit by soliciting ideas from everyone in the business has led to some amazing innovations. Passionate, caring and creative people are what drives this business and creating an eco-system for them to thrive is equally important. This is always a challenge when you work in the 4th most stressful business in the world but we continue to evolve and improve. People are so powerful.

4. What advice do you give your staff?

People buy people, so I encourage kindness and respect within our teams, with our clients and our suppliers. Delivering a service or producing a conference is only 50% of the job. The remaining 50% is taking care of our clients, genuinely connecting with them, understanding and identifying with their needs. This is good service.